Summer Camps 2019

Welcome to Summer Camps 2019. We are so excited to have you join us for this crazy fun summer! Kids ages 3-12 can join us for an adventurous summer of fun games, themed activities, hands on learning, and healthy snacks. We have a variety of kinder, themed, and sports camps available June-July. There are plenty of opportunities for teens ages 13-18 to be interns and camp leaders as well. At Liberty Towers, we provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment to engage children and families. Our adventures are non stop and our activities reinforce the values of respect while building self-confidence. Registration opens May 1st.

We are looking volunteers for summer camps. We need your help with camp donations, midweek prep, summer lunch, as well as camp counselors. Email for more information. 

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Kinder camps are designed to bridge children to be ready for preschool-kindergarten with hands on learning, interactive crafts and activities, story time and healthy snacks.

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Themed camps include fun games, themed activities, hands on learning and healthy snacks.

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Sports Sports camps teach kids the skills and fundamentals of the sport through fun games, drills, and competition. Children will learn teamwork, improve their skills, and gain self confidence.